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And The Colour Girls Go.....

It's been months since my last post, due to massive lifestyle change in real life - I've been on a whirly-gig of professional and personal ups and downs that has resulted in a new happy place, with new people and new activity, which would take many more months to sit down and describe. It's been awesome, heart-breaking at times, incredibly challenging, on oh-so many fronts, and it's tested me again and again - and I'm pleased to say that I've hit the ground running each time and discovered truths about myself and the life around me that have simply expanded my personal and artistic horizon. There have also been plenty of disappointments and, as with any major transformation, a lot of things have ended, died or changed to the point of being unrecognisable - all of which have also lent themselves to new developments in my personal world, and therefore the art. 
"The Reset" 
Commissions have been taking up most of my time; I suddenly had an increase in cli…