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Artist's Commentary: Calculator

The mind must do more than operate as a function of the body. Information surrounds her in a whirl of constructs and forms, and is gathered to compute and calculate. Like antenna, she extends the senses to connect and collect, with remote eyes to further her awareness. In this environment of constant computation, she is still, immobile in the task of thought and process. She is transforming, the body becoming the conduit for more input, the eyes frozen and staring in concentration. All effort is turned to the mind, and its incessant feeding, the need to know, understand and calculate. She becomes a representative of only thought, as she slowly mutates to reflect the world of information around her.

Just Words....

When I was studying art at school, we were required to write about our art. A lot. Not just our influences, or inspirations, or even motivations, but the artwork of the moment, the rise and fall, ebb and flow, the personal experience of a journey that may have lasted 15 minutes or 6 weeks, something to hang next to the work in the gallery. As an above-average English student, with an over-achieving grade in creative writing, I always used to find the art writing process wildly amusing and somewhat fraught with imaginative license. In many respects, I found the whole business fraudulent, believing, in my innocence, the art would speak for itself. I could "fluffy up" the artwork with some choice phrases, a little humour and a fair dose of propaganda, and the world would swallow it whole; mish-mashed metaphors and deliberately cynical stabs at the pretention of it all; and people bought it. And they bought the art.

An experience like that can jade a young person quickly. If i…