25 January 2012

Shiny Disco Balls

In my spare time (ahem) I enjoy creating objet d'art for gifts or my own pleasure - like these hand painted wooden balls.

22 January 2012

Coffee and a Dream

Sitting at the cafe on a beautiful summer evening; I exist inside the hum of the town and the boundaries of the dream. Her face emerges from the cloud of imagination, where memory and the fantastic merge, breathing life into a simple piece of paper. And when she has life enough, she will tell me her name...

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15 January 2012

Life's Little Pleasures

What we allow life to bring to us, we can give in return....
Working through the archives again to complete WIPS and redefine compositions. With a body of work that spans more than a hundred drawings and growing, one lifetime may not be enough.
But then, when was it ever?