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A Fantasy Artist In A Real World.

I get a lot of questions from people about the nature of my art, but the one asked the most is "Why do you draw the way you draw?"

People have become so inundated with imagery these days that a certain level of expectation and familiarity with popular styles has become part of the appreciation of art. Most fantasy art is seen as being a realistic approach to a fantastic subject - Boris Vallejo is well-known for his real-to-life approach of the subject to make the fantastic seem possible. Brilliant stuff, he's definitely one of my heroes - but emulating what a hero does is nothing but imitation, and I have always preferred to be my own artist.

Another expectation of fantasy art is the medium - people recognize paintings and digital artworks as being the 'norm' and therefore valued art - however, this is indeed the norm for commercial, illustrative and conceptual artists; consider the ethereal, two-dimensional qualities of Botticelli's 'The Advent of Sprin…