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Once Upon A Heartache

I had my heart all ripped out and smashed into tiny little bits some time ago; typically, I dealt with it by being ultra-civilised and doing all  those things you do when you protect yourself with your intellect, rather than delve into the primitive and find yourself a nice brick wall and a crate of dinner plates.  And of course, at the time my dignity was hammered into a tiny little box marked "Exhibit A" which is never a good place to be, and I had no desire to allow the author of my broken heart to bear witness to my emotional and spiritual decimation. That was my business, and he opted out.

Anyway, time passed, the sucking chest wound gradually stopped bleeding into everything, and it was possible to consider the reality from a distance, and with perspective. The futility of suppressed rage and strangulation of self-imposed control and self-denial was impressive in its absence. However, there was a grief left in the balance, an acceptance of loss that was finally rev…