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Ink Drawing: Blade design

My signature "blade" work; inspired by my love of swords and knives, I have spent thousands of hours of my life drawing such designs. Some now exist as tattoos, others have been commissioned for expanded works that adorn feature walls in collector's homes. A simple yet striking pattern that is often identified with the tribal designs that have become a trend in the past decade or so, the arc and sweep of each line is actually a calligraphic angle that is normally achieved with a nib pen. I started drawing such patterns when I was learning calligraphy at age 15. Using dip pens and quills, other effects could be achieved with spade nibs and dipping the actual feather in ink.

The Reality of the Muse

People are often intrigued by the source of an artist's perspective, and as I tell any who ask, it's all about observation and imagination. But there's an element that is often disregarded by the public as little more than a literary conceit, and that is the muse. 

Every now and then.... well, every decade or so, if you're lucky, you meet someone who is a natural inspiration, not a pretender or someone who needs to be influential, just a person with a wide streak of love for life, who is willing to share it.
I have spent the past few years watching the internet and the work of others with a rather jaded eye, with few exceptions; it's an occupational hazard both as a mystic and an artist to delve deep at the instant of perusal, and most superficial constructs fall by the wayside at the moment of consumption.
However, when I'm confronted by ideas and realities that I have yet to examine in any detail, such moments are vivid and persuasive in their nature, and enough…

Art by Whom?

I just had a look at a blog where a number of art works by different artists were being displayed; great work, fantastic finishes, wonderful concepts.... Except that there wasn't a great deal of difference between one style and the next. (bar one artist - and I took a longer look.)
Artists don't seem to be particular in creating their signature beyond their actual signature these days. Having a similar style and finish seems to be coming more and more of the norm in the creation of art. 

When I look at an art work, I anticipate being able to tell which artist it is, just by looking at it - distinctive and telling style is not just a part of being original, it is a part of the artist distinguishing themselves as an artistic identity.

Sure, people argue these days that there is no such thing as original, it's all been done before - I think this argument is a cop out for people who are angry that they don't have a larger imagination. Every individual who is capable of pronou…