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Art at Home

"Go Fish" sticker on the side of my computer -  I think that people  started underestimating the value of real art in their life when everything  became a trend of design minimalism and metropolitan reality. Art reflects  the spirit of the owner, and that cannot be simplified and deconstructed. While I myself love interior design that is functional, simple and practical,  that isn't art. Streamlining the surroundings has a tendency to make people  as sterile and linear as a square - that's where little moments of artistic  reflection come in. Something to relieve the straight lines....


"I'll Be Your Apocalypse" In the burning of your illusions, you are revealed. In the revelation of your own truth, you are set free. In the light of your reality, you can make  real change. Zian Silverwolf

To Be or Not To Be..... Cyberstar.

I have a song stuck in my head - Like An Eagle.

"Like an eagle I will soar above the clouds, 
I will spread my wings and fly into the sun.
Like an eagle I will race above the stars, 
I will fly to places yet unseen,
Go beyond my wildest dreams,
Know that you are watching over me."

Every person who has bought my art had a different reason - excepting one. It's different. Different to anything else that they've experienced, created for different reasons, made them feel something different. And while I usually have a very clear perspective on why I created a work, I prefer to leave room for the audience to find something in it for themselves. 
As a result, I have a very select audience, a small group of people who support my art because there is no direct reference to anything in ordinary life, but a direct relevance to them personally.
Being online and honored to know some wonderful artists, I see their following grow, the interest in their art inspires commentary - I get very …

The Critical Distance.

Seems like there's always a little something more that I want for a finished drawing, so as a result, the 'Critical Distance' queue starts piling up....

Critical Distance you say.....???

It's a term used to describe the need for time away from an artwork so that you can see it with fresh eyes, objectively and with a view to correcting and completing the work - basically, the opportunity to critique your own work.

The more time an artist can give an artwork, the greater the opportunity to clarify the vision  - and then it's a balance between not working enough and over-working the piece.
Right now, I can look at each drawing and see where it needs further work, and where I have to stop and let the poor thing breathe life. Sometimes the desire to 'mother' a composition can smother it instead!