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Wealth of Experience

In my youth, I spent a lot of time steeped in the construct of experience - if there was something going on, I wanted to be at the heart of it, where the intensity was, where everything was raw, hardcore, no element rejected.
Now that I'm away from the cities, and living in a small rural town, it's another kind of intense experience - for example, as an adult, I've never lived for so long in one place, always moving, always changing position.
There's no real night life here, everything is quiet, conventional, and people concern themselves on a daily basis with nothing but the basic essential minutia of living - from planning their seemingly constant social engagements, to how many hours of sleep they got, to how they got to work that morning.....It's a whole new kind of living to me, sedate, steady and consistent, and not a whole lot of change. Artistically speaking, this is great - it's so far away from my personal comfort zone to be restricted, limited, face…