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The Cursed Flu

I'm sure there are many artists out there who feel as I do when it comes to the business of catching a cold.....HELL NO!! I don't have time, when is there room in my life to get sick, are you out of your mind!!??

Not just because of the time that it takes to actually be ill and lie dying under a blanket while (hopefully) someone feeds you chicken soup, but the time it takes to get back in focus once you're back on your feet again.

I caught the flu recently.....the first illness I've had in 3 years, and I was so shocked and stunned at the concept of being sick, that at first I completely refused to accept it as a reality - me, sick? Never, couldn't be, it just doesn't happen. Until the day I couldn't physically open my eyes and stand upright and do that thing where you actually get out of bed and move around doing stuff....I'm told it's called living.

Anyhoo, I think that an enforced 24 hours in bed finally got the message through to me, so with the aid…