At The Core

It doesn't seem to matter how much experience you accumulate, how many lives you have led, how many different types of people you've had to be.....if anything, the most important thing is being able to put all that down so that you can keep on learning something new, bringing something fresh to your page, broadening your range of experience by changing the way in which you live.

How you have lived is not the reflection of yourself, as much as it is the extension of you as a person. And to create new experience and expansion, you have to make letting go of what and who you have been, where you have made home, what you have been attached to. And the hardest part is convincing people that you have moved on.

Change isn't hard - dealing with people who don't want you to change is hard, especially when you care about them, care how they feel. But at the core of who you are, beyond all the extensions, the experience and the history, you have to be true to yourself. Without that, you cannot live with honesty, you cannot be honest with others. The truth will set you free.....unfortunately, it also makes everyone else panic....
*cue violins*