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Courage of Conviction

Not everything is about everyone else......
Sometimes it has to be about you....even if they don't like it. And sometimes it's just about the art and evolution.
One thing I've learned as an artist is that people often think of you as public property - the same for any artist, actor, musician, dancer, director.....The audience wants to have a say in your work, in your growth, because they like what they see and they want more.....of what they want....
That's not a bad thing.
As an artist however, I have a responsibility to keep my work as an artist genuine and authentic - even when it's a commission for someone else's idea, the work has to come from me, from within. And when I change and grow, so does the work.

Commitment is everything in art - you have to bring all of yourself to the party or go home. I've never had trouble with that, given that I love my work. You also have to accept that each lesson learned is going to take you further away from where you start…