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"Alchemy" - pencil&ink A4

Personal chemistry - what we can transform within us, around us, how we affect the external through what we create inside ourselves..... Sex appeal is more than an attitude, it's a science....

Sketch - "New Wave"

"New Wave" - pencil A4

Imagery for change, current, energy; to be confronted and hold to it, to face it, embrace it and bring it within.
That which transforms, continues.

A Dali Trip

Recently I visited Melbourne to see the first ever Australian exhibition of the Salvador Dali collection.
This was an extremely personal journey for me - Dali was the first artist I ever studied, and studied in detail, when I started in art twenty years ago.
I haven't done a lot of travelling in the past few years - too busy with a different kind of journey - so to actually go through the process of dealing with timetables and public transport was in itself something of a surreal experience after so long. And this was my first time in Melbourne as an adult... The first and last time I was there, I was only 12 years old, and didn't remember much of the city at all.
Turns out that Brisbane and Melbourne share much in common however - another surreality, that a city so foreign to me would immediately feel like my old home.

The National Gallery of Victoria is a wonderful place - very welcoming, with very helpful and friendly staff - and the building itself has a reverence for the shar…

Sketch - "Water Wings"

pencil&ink A4

For my wings flow like water,
I do not fly; I glide

Ever riding on Life's current,
Each ripple, wave and tide.

Zian Silverwolf.

Sketch - "Monster Lover"

pencil&ink A4

Inspired by 'Closer' Nine Inch Nails.

'You let me violate you,
You let me desecrate you,
You let me penetrate you,
You let me complicate you.

You get me closer to god.'

While sketches have a little more detail and rendering than a doodle, they're still a long way from a fully rendered composition. While not a WIP, (work in progress), this is closer to the final composition than just a germ of a concept.

Sketch - "Mother of Lost Souls"

pencil A4

Another concept worked fast and dirty - where this little sketch gives me no details beyond a broad idea, it does remind me of the 'bigger' picture I had in mind....

Sketch - "Falling"

pencil A4

Sometimes you get a little germ of idea in your head and you just work fast and dirty to get it down....
While the idea is obvious, there is further refinement possible, not to mention further design and detail to be worked in.