Life versus Art

I was talking to a fellow lady artist today who is currently working an administration job to pay for her studio.... It's an example of how practical matters can sometimes de-rail an artistic journey, but I liked her attitude (because I agreed with her) in that it's for now, not forever.

There are patterns in this kind of living - sometimes years go by while you're taking care of life stuff when you would much prefer to be holed up with your drawing board or easel, listening to your favourite mood music; and yet, the things you learn during those times often enhance your next creative period, not to mention your development as a career artist. It's all very well and good for the public to want their artists to be bohemian mod-bods who don't care about money and only artistic integrity.... but when has that ever been true? You can't live on air....

Michaelangelo died a rich man - you don't have to wait to die before your work becomes recognised.

I value the times away from the board as learning curves.... at some point, when I get back to the art, I always find advantages that I didn't have previously, and I profit from the new outlook and the work I put into the practical matters. It's awesome when I can work art morning, noon and night without practical considerations getting in the way. It's also awesome when I get to learn something new out of a completely different and unexpected detour.